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The tutor only sets a big framework for learning goals and learning activities.
Details or specific activities are presented to the students for their own choices.
Because we know for sure that the students tend to lose their interest when the tutor takes the lead


Student Oriented Class


We use various learning tools and audio-visual media for interesting textbook activities.
It depends on the learner's level, ability, and purpose of learning.

Play Learning with Toys


A country's language is based on its culture and history.
Therefore, it is very important to understand them when learning a new language.
Students can also learn about Korean culture, spirit, and history

through various idioms, proverbs, and others.

Learning Korean Culture


eTutor On the GO Korean class records all classes.
Parents can 'review' their children's classes anytime & anywhere.
Also, all can check the learning content through the 'one-day summary' written by the tutor.

Review Class Video

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  Preschooler - Middle school 

2 - 3 days a week

35 USD / 1 hour

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